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  • New Banner for your Sites
Date: 13.06.2006 - 21:43
Author: boltware
Links: Forums

United Kingdom

IQ Option Please use the banner below for your sites if you would like to link to United Kingdom boltware development, thanks all!

Do we like the new logo,? please let me know !!

[2] comments latest by boltware - 15.06.2006 - 23:33

  • bNc OFF Wednesday.! || German -->  news in german
Date: 08.06.2006 - 21:59
Author: boltware
Links: BNC

United Kingdom

how to invest in Ferrari All the bnc`s will be going off line as of Wednesday, this is due to the fact that i simply cannot afford to keep doing atm there is however one solution, that being the following:-

If every user who has got a bnc from #bOLT boltwared gave me £1 then the bnc`s would be able to remain operational. This is something most of you wont do!! because either to lazy or just don`t wanna pay!! well the people who do will keep their BNC for ever, other whoever will not. I have sponsored the bnc`s for long enough i think, the only people to regain their bnc`s will be the people who return by adding a payment of £1 to my bank:-

By the way you don`t have to stop at £1, its up to you.!! As the bnc`s are due to last forever i mean once their back on line, the people who give more than £1 will be rewarded!!
Any Donations are welcomed

Please as i don`t have paypal accounts you must use these details, goto your bank and transfer the money or online transfer £1 to this account:-

pm me if you want them

Please if this is something your willing to do then let me know by posting here and or talking to me on miRC in #bOLT ( quakenet ), if you do do this please transfer the money with a note on the transfer, simply add your ident.!! ( just ask the bank to add note to transfer ) done amüsiert

BNC Information here

tHx..!! lets see shall we, if the favor is returned, ( its all for you anyways so.. )

[18] comments latest by boltware - 12.06.2006 - 09:45

  • Skinned the Forum to Match this site.! || German -->  news in german
Date: 08.06.2006 - 02:41
Author: boltware
Links: ForumsYoDaCoDeFlash Design

United Kingdom

PayPal shares Yo to all i would just like to say that if you ain`t seen my new forum skin then you should take a look, matches this site pretty much, took me about 1 hour to get it all looking right, messing with css, changing images, the lot editing the php in the theme also to allow for some of the mods i have added.

I am gonna keep on at it for a while longer until its 100%, no mistakes, just wanted to get the final design up and running before i go away off to the army. Hopefully you will all still use the forum and post more of those groovy script, i will keep up to date with my yodacode while i am away anyways and i`m sure ill be able to get access to the net from somewhere on the base.!!

Kinda better be able to, be might annoyed if i cant.!!

Well as you have seen no doubt i have really gone to town with the css for this site and the forum, i have tried to make them match to the best i can without making it stupid, and hard to read the forum topics. Should not have any problems now though, i hope you all like the modifications i have made to the site and i hope you continue to use it.

Well i will leave with one last thing, and that is please leave your comments in the guest book and or shout box, i am always open to comments on upgrading the sites and so on, for better usability, so don`t be shy spit it out and thanks for reading.


[3] comments latest by boltware - 08.06.2006 - 04:13

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